Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Hidden Earth Series Volume 1
Maycly the Trilogy Part 1 ~ Two Altered Worlds
by Janet Beasley
Fiction - Fantasy
190 Pages
Reviewed on 08/05/2013

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Hidden Earth Series Volume 1: Maycly the Trilogy Part by Janet Beasley is about Iona who finds herself thrown into circumstances much against her will. While you are getting acquainted with her, the story takes a turn back in time. The reader is taken to Maycly where everyone is waiting hopefully for the queen's arrival. Part I of the story actually leads you to Part 2 of the book.

I found the book scintillating. Adventure, magic, whimsy, dreams, fantasy, imagination -- it's all there. Children of the current generation are totally into adventure and fantasy series with the overwhelming popularity of Harry Potter and the like. These are stories that can actually awaken the creativity inside you and dare you to dream and fantasize.

The book is the right combination of fantasy and adventure. Iona is well depicted: her innocence, her adventures, her faith, and tragedies. The language is elegant and excellent. Illustrations always give a new meaning to the characters and these illustrations also give you an idea of how each character looks as well as lending color to the story.

The open ending of the book suggests that there will be another part to it. The battle between good and evil is the highlight of the story. Will Iona's journey be even more adventurous in the next part?